How to clean hardwood floors


Cleaning your house can be a truly therapeutic experience and help you get rid of stress, anxiety, and anger. Although not as comfortable as practicing yoga or pilates, cleaning is a cheap solution to everyday stress and problems. But finding the right products to clean your house could prove a tricky business, especially if you’re torn between homemade cleaning solutions and the wonders of technology.

After trying everything myself, I have reached the conclusion that the best way to clean your house, especially hardwood floors is by using a unique combination of cleaning tools and natural products. So read below as I am about to show you some of my tricks to help you clean your home in no time.

The right vacuum

First of all you can’t start cleaning without benefitting from at least one powerful vacuum cleaner. Cordless or traditional, a vacuum will help you get rid of the large pieces of dirt and debris on the hardwood floors and will prepare the field for upcoming cleaning products. Although there are thousands of good vacuums on the market, I always suggest sticking to renowned and trustworthy brands.

The Electrolux Ergorapido is easy to use and will save you energy and money. I suggest opting for a broom-like vacuum as it is easier to handle and will perfectly fit in smaller closets for convenient storage. Moreover, vertical vacuums are lightweight and will fit even in the narrowest corners and places of your house so that you can enjoy a thorough cleaning.


Homemade remedies

There are numerous DIY methods to get clean floors depending on who you ask. Plenty of housekeepers and professional cleaners will tell you about miraculous products with little to no damage to the environment and will try to convince you into buying them. However, what some people seem to have forgotten is the lack of chemical substances from the past.

One remedy that always seems to work, regardless of how pretentious and hard to clean your floors are is plain vinegar. All you have to do is mix some apple cider vinegar with regular water and start mopping those floors again. The smell will easily go away if you open the windows after you have finished cleaning, and your floors will certainly thank you.

Natural cleaners

If you’re not so much into making your own lotions and potions you can still appeal to the second best thing – natural products. There are several companies providing products with up to 100% natural content that are good for the environment, and will help you get rid of nasty, dirty floors. In addition to this, you can also check for online tips on how to clean hardwood floors.