I’m Steve



Hi, I’m Steve Andersen. I have been into sports for as long as I can remember. Aside from that, I also have a passion for fighting movies and martial arts. Just like you, I live quite a busy life. Yes, buzz-buzz-buzz, busy-busy-busy, we all are. My job is quite demanding since I am constantly on call even during those days when I think I can be free of the computer and the phone. In other words, I can’t use the excuse of my phone being out of the coverage area because my boss has me on GPS. Yeah, my job is that important. I can’t just get sick unless there’s a big virus going around. Most importantly, I can’t afford to get sick because I have to support my two boys. I am a divorced guy, you see, and contrary to popular belief, we divorced guys don’t have it easy in our lives, especially when we have children to support.


Despite keeping a hectic work pace, I still manage to enjoy movies with my two boys. They both love fighting and martial arts movies like I do. We also share the same fascination for all things sport and sporty. My eldest wants to play football in highschool and his younger brother wants to try martial arts. Yes, I pretty much have my work cut out for me insofar as raising my kids are concerned. That is also the main reason why I can’t just quit my job for a lower-paying, less stressful one. My children are my life, and if I am to keep living, I have to make sure they have their needs met as well. It’s either that or my ex-wife takes me to court for negligence and all sorts of cases that will have me in shame. But anyway…


I still have a strong passion for life. I love healthy living, exercise and any sporting activity. My greatest passions in life are heavy bag training, my studio workout routine as well as the things I do to ensure I am consistently a good father to my two children. Despite our differences, I still have great respect for my ex-wife, who has managed to raise our kids without prejudice to our current status as ex-partners. To be honest, I really don’t know what drove us apart, if it was the busy schedule I had kept before the divorce or if I had been too preoccupied with work to even notice we had drifted farther and farther apart from each other. That may be one of the world’s greatest mysteries for me, guys. But let’s not dwell on old things and focus instead on the new: this, my blog.


Through this blog, I wish to share with you my passion for fighting and martial arts movies and my efforts for staying a good father to my kids. You’ll read about my studio workout routine as well as my heavy bag training activities. Allow me to share a bit of myself with you through this blog, one article at a time. I hope you can begin to understand the complex man my wife had tried to discover but failed, not out of lack of trying, but because of the strong need for me to understand myself first. So here goes!